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     As a customer you want the most value for your money. You want a high quality, fast, comprehensive service at an affordable price. As a business operator, I want to provide these things.

     The fixed costs associated with running this service are high. The cost of paying for co-location space, a high speed backbone connection, all of the administrative costs, these are substantial regardless of how many customers we serve.

     The incremental costs for services which we provide ourselves rather than reselling, such as shell accounts, e-mail, web hosting, are relatively low.

     Even though incremental costs are higher for services we resell, such as DSL or dial access, a larger customer base gives us more bargaining leverage with upstream providers and they frequently offer volume discounts.

     A larger customer base also justifies a larger hardware investment which allows for greater redundancy and more capabilities.

     Anything you can do, within the constraints of being legal and ethical, to send customers our way, is much appreciated!

     Links help in two ways. First, they send potential customers directly here. That is much appreciated because it helps me achieve my goal of providing you the best possible service at an affordable rate.

     The second way that it helps is that it increases our Google ranking if they are relevant. Google considers each relevant link to essentially be a vote of the importance of the webpage that is linked to. When someone searches for a keyword or keywords, that word or phrase likely will show up on tens of millions of pages. Google will show those that have a high number of relevant links pointing to them first.

     Your viewers will also appreciate your site more if it provides them with useful and interesting resources.

     Any link to our site, whether it be a banner or simple text link, to our home page, or directly to some relevant content contained within, is appreciated!

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