These are our GTmetrix test scores. Again we miss 100% on the scores because of Facebook and Twitter buttons. None the less, our page still loads in 0.8 seconds.

We are able to achieve these scores with a combination of custom hardware and software. Our web server is an i7-6850k based system operating at 4.4 Ghz all six cores. It is equipped with 128GB of memory. We use Comet Cache and have a tmpfs file system configured so that the cache resides in RAM. Also only a small portion of the 128GB is used for programs and data, and Linux uses the rest for disk cache. The file systems are configured for write-back caching so even writes do not slow things down below RAM speed. This and a data center with excellent network connectivity and peering allow us to achieve these phenomenal speeds without using a CDN. In fact, the CDNs I have tried actually slow our site down. We compile Apache from source, https and http2 are fully supported. We compile from source so we can take full advantage of our CPUs capabilities such as AVX instructions which can speed up encryption significantly.

Our site is hosted on our shared hosting solution. And this is a WordPress site. Your WordPress sites can enjoy similar speeds if hosted with us. We also have fail2ban configured so if you put the fail2ban plugin in place our server will automatically ban offending IP’s and it will do so at the kernel level which is much more efficient than plugins like Securi that require PHP code check IP’s against a database for each page load. Straight HTML will be even faster, well under 100ms load times are achievable.

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