UUCP Unix-to-Unix Copy

UUCP stands for Unix-to-Unix Copy Program. These days, there are implementations of UUCP for other operating systems as well. It works over a normal ASCII dial-up connection and was the common method of moving e-mail and Usenet News around before the Internet and TCP/IP existed. It is still sometimes used to move e-mail between machines which do not have Internet connectivity. It is a store-and-forward protocol so it works with systems that are only intermittently connected to each other.

ETRN verses UUCP

ETRN is a more modern and preferred approach to handling e-mail for sites which have intermittent Internet connectivity. UUCP uses an ASCII dial connection, ETRN uses a TCP/IP connection. All of our dial access numbers are capable of TCP/IP.

Only a small portion, and that portion is becoming smaller, are capable of ASCII connections. If you want UUCP and are not local to an area where we have a line which will support UUCP, you can connect to one of our UUCP capable lines outside of your local calling area if you are willing to accept the long distance charges.

Alternatively, you can setup UUCP over TCP/IP or use ETRN to move mail. We will support both of these options at the same price.

Rates and Conditions

We provide UUCP with MX forwarding or ETRN arrangements for $264/year. Because of the amount of setup work involved, we do not offer shorter terms or free trials for this service. This price includes DNS for your domain. It does not include domain registration. We only offer UUCP via TCP.

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